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When women can only be the mother of our children, that is evil. Being a mother is heroic, but it must be a choice, to be or not to be, and of how many. If a woman chooses to be heroic in other ways, she has that right.

Patient Stories

Would you please tell Your abortion story from when you were here.
Our proLife friends would have the world believe that every abortion worker is a money grubbing slimy pervert, and all women who get abortions are whores. They are ignorant. Our patients are decent, normal, daughters, girlfriends, and wives of everyday life and we want to help women despite threats to Our lives.

The proLife attempt is to marginalize abortion, imply that abortion is the exception, that nobody except those on the margins of society use abortion. This increases the guilt about getting an abortion. To fight this we must share our abortion stories. When someone speaks out against abortion, you should quit them as a friend or speak against them.

So, tell me your story. How many kids do you already have? Do you have a partner who helps emotionally and financially? Do you already receive housing, food or cash assistance? What will happen if you can't get this abortion? These stories are for Kansas legislators, Democrats and Republicans, and letting them know why we provide safe, legal abortions. Men and women both may fill these out.

Thank you. These stories will help show that abortions are done for important reasons. Judge us not. [Luke 6:37] Also, I am forwarding these stories to our Legislatorsin hopes that they will understand their normal Constituents, not just Operation Rescue, or Kansans for Life, or their conservative ministers.

This page will be updated as more material becomes available. Thanks to you who send us your stories.

Received 2014 June 24th

   Jeff was very good at his job. He met me at my car and walked with me inside being very nice with simple communication to lighten the aura and it really helpled. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision. Thank you for that. You literally got me through this.
   I have zero children, and I do not want any. My partner was there for me from the moment I took an at-home EPT, to the Doctor that told me it was for sure. It was my very first thought: termination. I am too young to experience bringing life into this world. I grew up very rough and saw first hand how cruel life is when you are not fully prepared for everything. Honestly, I believe my partner's opinion still was not stated, but that he knew my decision was the correct one. He did not even think about letting me take care of it financially. He said it was just as much his fault as it was mine. I made the decision and appointment and he took care of the rest. He is so supportive of me. Absolutely my rock and my hero, and very supportive. I have never received State Assistance, but that is NOT to say I do not struggle on a daily basis. I am too prideful to ask for help, and too stubborn to accept any anyway. This made me realize I would have to get asssitance to raise a child so that makes me feel like I could never have given Him/Her a decent life. Though they may be inspired by my troubles, I could not have been happy knowing I could not totally provide everything myself, or with my lover's help. If I could not have gotten this procedure I probably would have lost it from the depression and stress of knowing their life would be hard, and very far from perfect. A child should be brought into this world with loving, hopeful, accepting, and caring arms. My heart was broken, empty, and emotionally undecisive and I knew I was not even close to ready. I am very happy in my decision, and on the way home my love told me he thought it was the best decision, and told me I am a very strong person for deciding it myself and only asking him for emotional help. I am very glad I made the decision I did. I am glad I went where I did. I was comforted greatly and did not feel judged, but totally supported. Thank you all very much. Especially Jeff. You made me smile when I needed it most. VERY APPRECIATIVE!
   Thanks a million! So appreciative.
   I am very relieved it is all over and my stress is all gone. I am so thankful. Cannot even put it in words! I finally feel stress free, happy, and relaxed for the first time in weeks. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

You are welcome. Hearing your stories and thanks are what keep us going. -Jeff

Received 2014 June 07th
   I am a 35yo woman with 3 kids and the timing was just off when I found out that I was having a baby.
Not to mention that I was not married and not even in a great relationship. It just was not the right time.

Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you?
Nothing. They made me feel great. Thank you. We don't have alot, but we try hard.
Received 2014 April 23th
   I am in my mid-twenties. I do not have any children or even have the desire to have children. My relationship of off-and-on 2 years had finally ended when I found out I was pregnant. I also had just got back on my feet financially. I did not want to bring a child into the world if I didn't want to be a mother, also I could not financially support a child. For my own reasons I didn't tell anyone about my pregnancy. From my first call to the office the staff was amazing! They were not judgemental and were extremely supportive. There were protesters outside but I was escorted to my car because they scared me a little bit. Thank you so much to the entire starf for helping me thru this situation!

[Jeff's comments: Thank you also for being appreciative. Regarding the protesters. they try to intimidate patients by shouting their message, using bullhorns, chase/follow patients closer than one's normal comfort zone, and occasionally, blatantly, take pictures of patients to try to shame, even when you tell them to shut-up or go away. I have seen them pick a fight with male support people by insulting them as less than a man. My Catholics are polite and not confrontational. My Born-Again "Christians"/Baptists are confrontational. If you take their literature, sometimes they will shut up. Just throw the literature away when you get inside. That serves them right.]

Received 2014 April 24th
I did not get permission from her to print this. She sent us a nice card afterwards. We were touched by her kindness and I wanted to share. Thank you S.      -Jeff
It opens with Thanks So Much
Inside says Especially to say what I hope you know - I'm more grateful than words can show.

Jeff and Staff,
I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for your compassion & kindness!
This is a challenging situation and you all made it easier than I could have imagined and I am eternally grateful & will never forget each and everyone of you! I had no supporter with me but never felt as if I was alone in this! Thank you for all of your help and support!! Keep up the great work!
God Bless!
Received 2014 March 20th
I am a young bi-racial student, with one child...    a boy, born last year in August. Even with him in my life, I still find it hard to enjoy living. I've been having depression for years, but slowly I'm getting back on my feet, thanks to my partner and his mother. They have helped me far more than they know, as well you all, the staff. This pregnancy would have been heaven-sent, had I been in better conditions, I would love to have another child. But sadly, the timing is wrong. I believe it is cruel to bring a child into the world without the necessities to care for the child properly. This was not an easy thing to do, I doubt most women choose to do so with ease. But the staff made things all the more easy to bear with. I was not even bothered by the protesters, it is My body (My choice). They choose to protest, I chose to do what I know needed to be done. I'm rambling, I apologize. I'm just really grateful for the assistance I was given, by all of you.

P.S. Thank you, Jeff, for introducing me to a new comedian. "Fluffy" [Gabriel Iglesias, I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy] is pretty damn funny.

With all due appreciation & respect, Thank you all for such great service. It gave me another chance, the chance I need.

Received 2014 March 14th
You guys were a blessing and very helpful. You guys made a tough situation easier. And the staff made us feel very safe.

Received 2014 January 14th
Thank you card received 2-5-14.
Dear Dr. yeomans, Jeff, Barbie and the Staff,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for the service you provided me on 1-22-14.
Thank you for the care I received. Everyone was so wonderful, kind, non-judgemental and so very professional.
I'm in awe of the great people there.
Thank you for the respect, thoughtfulness and care you showed me.
You are very special people.
With regards and gratitude, Forever thankful to you all.

Received 2014 January 14th
   I'm a 37yo woman with a 6 month old daughter and a live-in boyfriend who is the father of my daughter. I stay at home with my daughter while my partner works overtime to support our household with only the help of WIC.
   The reason why him and I had decided to abort this last pregnancy is because I, myself alone, am on methadone maintenance and have been for the last two years. Although I am de-toxing [getting off of methadone slowly, with smaller doses each time, Jeff] for the medicine, while you are pregnant, you have to stop the detox and alot of times increase the dose in order to not have a miscarriage.
   My concern with having another baby on methadone is the heartbreaking 6 weeks my daughter spend in the NICU sick from her dependency to the methadone. She was in constant pain and suffered for 6 weeks while the doctors tried to find a dose that would finally make her comfortable. It was the hardest thing I had to watch and was helpless in everyway besides staying sleepless nights there with her in the NICU and trying to comfort her. I could not do that to another baby again.
    That is our story. We would've definitely had the baby from our last pregnancy if it wasn't for how unfair to the baby to suffer like my daughter did. My daughter was sent home with a prescription of methadone and for 6 months suffered de-toxing at home as well.

Received 2014 January 04th
Everyone has a different reason. I had an egg that was cracked and was possibly going to lose my baby regardless. Not only was I a 50/50 chance of miscarry, I also am not stable. I still live at home & with my two jobs I can barely support myself as well as my daughter. TImes are hard and it is even harder to bring another child into it. I would have loved that baby more than you know but this choice was the best option for it's health & for my health.

Received 2013 December 11th
   I have no kids. I do have a significant other whom I've been with for 9mos. He's 2yrs older and already has a daughter. He somethimes is there emotionally & financially, but at times he puts football & himself first and has gotten physicial during fights, nothing serious, but he also just moved to Wyoming for football. I don't want a part-time father or a paycheck to replace that for my child!
   I am a full-time college student in a whole different state from my family. I recently am living with some friends 'til I get my own place. I also work two jobs, I get no assistance except financial aid for school. If I didn't get an abortion then my child would maybe be fatherless & dysfunctional. I want to start over and do things the right way, be married & have a career! & give my child everything to have a functional life. I will ask god for forgiveness. I am catholic - but everyone deserves the right to have a choice. I know & my boyfriend/friends know I'd make a great mother, but I'm young & not ready yet! Thank you guys for your unbiased care & for being understanding!

Received 2013 November 27th
Q7. Staff members that were helpful to you? Everyone was great... made my ex-erience comfortable.
Q8. Are there hours that would have been better? I feel more days of availability would help more people.
Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you? I would have liked to know a little more of what happens to the fetus after procedure. Does it come out on its own? Does it get taken out during procedure?
Well....Yes, it comes out during the abortion procedure. It is jumbled up during the suction process. The tissue is disposed of through a biohazardous waste disposal service, just like a hospital is required to dispose of human tissues from operations(cancer removal, limb removals, injured organs, blood drainage) via hazardous waste disposal companies also. The biohazardous waste companies typically will either steam sterilize, incinerate, or chemically sterilize biohazardous waste, then place the tissue in special landfills. It is expensive.
Received 2013 October 21th
   Also, for Missouri residents we use the National Abortion Federation Hotline (NAF Hotline) for financial help if you qualify.
Received 2013 October 21th
   I have no kids, I have a help me emotionally but not financially especially in this situation. I do not receive any government benefits & if I couldn't get this abortion my life would be doomed. I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world if I'm not set financially/emotionally. I don't believe it would be fair to the child cuz I know I can't give it the life it deserves.
   When I first talked with Jeff, he was very helpful and seemed very sincere and knowlegeable about the whole thing. (He even took call on his off-time to explain things in detail.) Everyone at the office was nice and helpful. Jeff and Peggy(for Kansas residents) made it happen for me and I couldn't be happier.
Received 2013 October 9th
   I am a 27yo woman who is not ready to have kids. I wans't exactly careful in my sexual practices and accidently ended up pregnant. I am in no place to raise a child right now. I would never want to raise a chil and not be financially capable of supporting them. Abortion, while a hard choice, is the necessary choice for me right now. I am so glad that this is a legal procedure to perform. I thank the doctor for performing this. I know there is a lot of controversy he must face.
God Bless you.
Received 2013 July 18th
   I'm a 21 year old with a one year old already, my boyfriend is here with me and is supportive. I have a full time job and plan on going back to schoolsoon to be a pharmacist. And with having another child that would have been impossible to do, and having another child would've just been overwhelming and we wouldn't be able to do it financially. I can almost barely take care of the one. I'm in the process of trying to move into my first apartment so this is why I chose this decision, it wasn't an early decision, but I had to do what's best for my future. So I do thnk you guys for helping me out. I know I will be forgiven for my sin because no one on this Earth is perfect and I hate people who pretend to be.
   But once again thanks for everything!

Received 2013 July 18th
   I am a 32yo African-American from KCMO. I have one child, six years old, boy. I have never had an abortion before, and honestly was taking birth control when this happened. This is a result of taking antibiotics while on the Pill. My decision to make this happen was one of the most agonizing choices I ever made. I am college-educated, and almost complete with my MBA. I am a college administrator and getting pregnant was an accident. It wasn't the result of partying, being drunk or sleeping with multiple men. I'm proud of being able to make a choice. Although the choice wan't easy, it was mine, and I am settled with my choice. The staff was especially wonderful, caring and non-judgemental. Thank you.

Received 2013 July 17th
   I did not have an abortion on this day. I went with my best friend for moral support and caregiver. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for these services.provided to women. Women are not always in control of being able to prevent pregnancy bhey can always know whether a new baby can/will be cared for properly. TRUST WOMEN!

   I think it is incredibly important for people to realize an abortion is not something women look forward to, are excited about or proud of!! They are used in desparate situations! Situations that may lead to abuse, poverty, neglect, the inability forthe child to be properly raised and cared for. Not every conception is best completed. It's a hard truth but the truth nonetheless.

   While there are some who would like to impose their belief systems on everyone around them, another truth is that we all cherish our freedoms and in cherishing our own, we must respect the freedoms of others without biased belief systems!

   The day my friend had her abortion we both cried. We cried before, during, and after. It was not easy, painless, or without torment. It was difficult, painful, scary, and scarring...BUT it was 100% necessary and of all the feelings we lived through that day, the most powerful one was GRATITUDE.

Received 2013 June 11th
   I have one child. And I love her with all my heart and I will do anything for her.
My partner, well, I don't have one.
   "Why did I get an abortion?" I'm a single parent taking care of my child by myself without help from anyone else. He doesn't help; All he wants to do is his own thing. And try to get me pregnant again.I don't receive any housing. I get food assistance. But that's nothing really, compared to having a family that supports you. And I really don't have that.
So this is why I got an abortion.
   And ladies, don't let anybody or anyone tell you this or that for getting the abortion, because at the end of the day we are the one'sthat are caring for the baby for 9 months. Our bodies, our decision. Just make sure you repent for your sins and make sure you have a relationship with God.And everything will be okay. Just don't keep make the same mistakes.
God Bless All!!!

Received 2013 May 28th
   I have 2 children. I do have a partner who helps. I do receive Foodstamps. We have just begun to rebuild our lives, coming from drugs and jail, to a turning point of sobriety and getting housing & car as well on finances together. This was a service that without would have set us back on our strive to better ourselves with the 2 children we have. It was just not the best time under thecertain battles we are already up against. Your staff is great!
   -Thanks so Much!

Received 2013 May 28th
   I have no kids but just graduated high school and plan to further my career; With a child it would be a struggle to go to college and become what I would like to do. The father was also a high school graduate on his way to college and wouldn't have been able to take care of a child or pay for any of the dues. If I weren't able to get the abortion I would be stuck living a dead-end life with a dead-end job trying and struggling to take care of a child and myself. I learned a lesson and I know God will take amazing care of my child a lot better care then I could ever do for it. I know I'll always be a mother and I'll always have an angel in Heaven watching over me.
     Love Always.

Received 2013 May 01th
   Well, I have 3 kids, and Yes, I work. I'm not a person who sleeps around. I had 1 sex partner & was using the NuvaRing. but as you see, I ended up here. My choice to have an abortion was because this wasn't a planned pregnancy. I honestly thoughtmy birth control (NuvaRing) that I was okay. Now I know nothing is 100% and I can't afford another kid. I would rather have an abortion, then to bring a kid in this world or give it up for adoption. So I would like to thank Thee entire staff there. When I walked in and the lady at the front desk started talking, I felt so comfortable. I never felt like I was being judged.

Received 2013 Apr 27th
   Hello, I am a 34yo mother of two, one son who will be 16yo and one daughter who will be 5yo this year. I chose abortion first because I am not married, yes it sounds hypocritical with facts being I had un-marital sex. However, I am trying to change my life and follow a righteous path, at least strive for it.
   I am currently attending Nursing School, bridging from LPN to RN. I work part-time and have no assistance from my children's father. I just started receiving Foodstamps and I truly do not understand how people deal with DFS (Department of Family Services). In your time of need, they are rude and at times prejudice. So this abortion was necessary for me and the children I already have. The topic of abortion needs to be laid to rest. It is and will always be the women's choice and that is our human right. No judgements shall be passed. I am not a whore, nor ignorant. I am well educated and believe that no one sin is greater than another sin, and we all fall short in some way.
   Aid For Women provides good, safe abortion. They are all caring and supportive. We should look into the service provided by DFS. In-Service (classes during working hours) those workers on Ethics and Privacy, Etiquette, Procedure, et cetera. Just a thought.

Received 2013 Mar 18th
   I have no kids. I do have a Sginificant Other whom I've been with for 9 months. He's 2 years older and already has a daughter [to whom he pays child support already, I assume. Jeff]. He sometimes is there emotionally and financially, but at times he puts football & himself first and has gotten physical during fights, nothing too serious, but he also just moved to Wyoming for football- I don't want a part-time father or a paycheck to replace that for my child!
   I am a full-time college student in a whole different state from my family. I recently am living with some friends 'til I get my own place. I also work two jobs. I get no assistance except financial aid for school. If I didn't get the abortion then my child would maybe be fatherless & dysfunctional. I want to start over and do things the right way, be married & have a career! & give my child everything to have a functional life. I will ask God for forgiveness. I am Catholic - but everyone deserves the right to have a choice. I know & my boyfriend/friends know I'd make a great mother, but I'm young & not ready yet! Thank you guys for your unbiased Care & for being understanding!

Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you?
A9. The only thing was the protestors. I just have anxiety issues & they made me feel uncomfortable.
Jeff's response: Yeah, I know. I don't think they really have a message other than to make people feel uncomfortable. They want to feel superior. If they were more in tune with God, they would feel more at ease with themselves and others, less agitated, IMO. And if they really believed in their connection to God by prayer, they could pray for the end of abortion by praying while at home instead of harassing patients at the clinic, instead of taking pictures of abortion patients solely for the purposes of making them feel uncomfortable, or yelling at abortion patients despite patients telling them to they are not interested, and then the protesters use bullhorns to get their message through the sound-proof clinic walls when patients won't listen, or killing abortion doctors, or super-glueing clinic doors, or any number of other harassments from the Army of God manual. They need the Serentiy of God in their Heart.

Received 2013 Mar 05th
   Their was another Medical Assistant whose name I cannot remember [Liz?], but she took very good care of me, made me feel very comfrotable, she even shared her own personal story of her 3 children and her tubal. She helped me down the hall because I was a little woosey. Please give her a special Thank You from BL.
   My experience at Aid For Women was great! I was a little scared I must admit, but Jeff kept me very entertained and Barbie made me feel so comfortable. I like to personally thank all the staff at Aid For Women for helping me through my situation. May God Bless you All.

Received 2013 Feb 28th
   Your story. I'm a single 32yo mother of a 5yo who's father left me when she was 8 months old. He kicked me and her out on the streets and I chose to move in with my mother who loved me unconditionally. I worked hard for 3½ years to make a life of my own and support both me and my child. I then found out my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and later passed away after I nursed her and took care of her while she died slowly. It was very traumatic for me and took a part of me away that I can never get back. When I lost her I lost myself and didn't know how I could go on.
   I have this beautiful child that loves me and needs me. I almost lost her 3 times while I was pregnant with her and I din't want to go through another loss. The pain would be too great and I felt this was the only choice so I could take care of the one I was blessed with. I believe my choice was the right one and that doesn't make me a bad person!

Received 2013 Feb 27th
Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you?
   The people were very helpful with any questions I had, they were very kind & understanding. I support what you guys are doing because you never know what a woman is going through and why she needs [an] abortion. I am thankful for Jeff; he was so kind & helpful with getting everything set up.

   Your story.Well, my story starts with domestic violence. I had my jaw broken. I believe it is a sin to bring a child into a situation where is it not gonna be loved right. That's worse than abortion to me. I have a daughter & love her dearly & am a great full-time mother, not a whore.I understand we women make our bed when we take risks but everybody makes mistakes. I'm not an evil person. I love children, but I also have the idea where I need to be ready before I bring another child into this world. You never know what a person may be going through. I'mnot a pyschopath. I would love to have a family, but not a child who doesn't feel loved because of me. I'm young. I would like to go to school, accomplish goals, not have a baby my a man who could kill me while i'm pregnant. I am very pleased with the Dr. & the people in the office. Jeff was amazing. Every time I called for a question or help, he was an amazing help. Also Barb was like an angel. I was like a mother's love the way she held my hand & gave me strength to make it through without breaking down. I support what they do stand for something or fall for anything [?!, Jeff]. There are people like me who they just unknowingly improved a life for me and my daughter. I assure you I'm not a whore and I have goals. And I assure you these people are soldiers in GOD's eyes. I thank them for everything. The Dr. was amazinglycalm & precise & helpful making sure I was okay thorugh the whole thing. I am grateful. I obviously chose the right place.

God Bless, Thank You, C.

Received 2013 Feb 20th
   Making this decision was not easy, but I realized that I was not emotionally, mentally, or financially ready for bring another life into the world. I recently graduated from college, but wanted to start my career before starting a family because I know it would be hard to raise a child without being able to afford it.
   Thank you to the Staff at Aid For Women for being understanding and non-judgemental about this tough situation. I am grateful that there is a place like this that makes women feel so comfortable about the choice. Everyone here is so kind and a special thank you to Barbi for holding my hand throughout the procedure. Without her there by my side, I might have had a breakdown!

Received 2013 Feb 18th
Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you? If we don't know we can't change for the better.
Nurses, physician, Jeff, everyone was great - especially Barbi during the procedure!

   I have 2 beautiful boys 9 & 4 and I love them with all my heart. I recently (6 months) got divorced and have a new, great boyfriend. Unfortunaltely we weren't being smart with birth control and got pregnant. I do not have alot of money and I'm not sure I want to be with this man FOREVER, so we opted to terminate this pregnancy. I was 6 wks and felt that it was the best choice for us. I have ZERO REGRETS! I am 35 and am happy with my 2 kids.

Received 2013 Feb 18th
Staff members that were particularly helpful to you:
The sonographer was very nice.

   I am a 26 year old college graduate in graduate school. I have a partner that I will likely marry. I want very much to be a mother, I want it so much that when I'm ready I would like to be able to devote everything to raising my child. I did not want something that I look forward to so much to be cheapened for me or my child by struggle. I would like to be done with school and in a position to nuture and support my baby like it deserves.

Received 2013 Feb 11th
   I have 3 children, two boys and a girl. They are 10, 6, and 2 years old. I miscarried twins 6 months after my daughter was born in 2011. I am a single mother, I receive Foodstamps and at the moment I'm living off of my kids' SSI. If I wouldn't have made my decision I would have brought another child into this cruel world without the proper love from a father.

   It is not the child's fault and I didn't want my child suffering from my mistakes. Believe me when I tell you I loved my unborn, [and] I just rather my child to be with GOD than birthed into this world. I made the best decision I could of ever made, and the next child I choose to birth will be loved with the parents together as they should be and love the baby like the rest.

- LB

Received 2013 Feb 5th
Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you?
A9. No, I went into it not sure, but after talking about everything and the procedure and the excellent staff, was comforting. You guys made me feel really comfortable and I really appreciate it.
       -- God bless you guys!

Would you please, for Jeff, tell Your abortion story.   I got an abortion because I made bad choices in my past that turned me to become pregnant. I didn't use birth control at that time and/or use a condom.I didn't know who the father would have been either. It would have been between three guys and only two knew, but only them. They didn't know about the third. I had no idea who the third was. I'm 20 and in college. I disrespected my family, my body but most of all, God for not staying abstinent or safe. But people change and I believe every situation is different, every women has their story and and wants wants to live life. If I didn't get the abortion, I would have been a single mother, my family would have disowned me, especially my mother, I wouldn't have been able to play volleyball or finish my junior college to move on to the university because I was really sick the first two weeks. I know God forgives me. I know I made the choice because it was the best for me. I have to live with the decision for the rest of my life, but that's fine. My life is back on track, I stopped partying and drinking and am closer to GOd than ever. I know he has a great future for me. We all pay for our mistakes. Nobody has room to judge because that's not your right, you've got skeletons in your closet, everybody does, nobody's perfect. But that's how God made us.
   And I'm staying a strong woman, paying bills and school on my own, living to be happy for myself and serve my Lord, my Savior.

Received 2013 Feb 1st
   I am single, no children. I got pregnant from a one night stand & I took it upon myself to make the decision. I am not physically, emotionally or in anyway ready for a baby & especially not with a guy I barely know. It happens.
   Thank you for providing this service.   -B.

Received 2013 Jan 29th
Question 9. Anything you didn't like or scared you? If we don't know, we can't change for the better.
I can't say anything bad. The staff was prompt, courteous, and helpful. My experience at your clinic was great under the circumstances. Very professional clinic.
Keep up the good work.
   My story: I have 3 kids. I'm a single mom who works and goes to school 7 days a week. Yes, I do receive food assistance, for the three children I already have. In my own opinion, I'm too old to have more children, my kids are self-sufficient now, so to put myself in a situation where I'd be having another child and raising it on my own just does not make sense. I'm working my behind off already to build a better future for my children and I . Everyoneknows what they can and cannot handle. There are already enough poverty stricken women as it is, and then people want to complain about women being on welfare. These people are not taking care of these kids, the woman is, so in general whomever has something to say about what a woman does with her body needs to step aside, and respect other peple's choices. NO ONE is perfect, so people should not throw stones! And, Yes, I am a Christian!
P.S. And its not like we don't feel bad about the situation, and having to go through with our decision.

[Thank you. -Jeff.]
Received 2013 week of Jan 7th
   Hello, I am 22year old. I have one child, a son. His father, my fiancée, and I really appreciate the help we received. My fiancée has a daughter also, and between his daughter and our son we didn't need another child at this time. We are now working on getting our lives and our childrens' lives in order for the future so that we can some day afford another child.
   We both have full time jobs. We only receive Daycare assistance, no cash, food, or housing [assistance], and even with the daycare assistance we struggle. Knowing we had your support in our decision made everything in the process easier. We now have a plan for our families' lives and couldn't be happier!
   Being proChoice doesn't make someone a bad person, it makes a person realize what they need to do to better their own lives, and how to help out other people in a time of need. Thank you for everything! We greatly appreciated it.

-From our loving family of 4 ♥'s
   I would like to also write in and offer my gratitude for your support, comforting staff, and assistance. Our strong belief in the services provided as well as the understanding and knowledge given are overwhelmingly received in relief. Once again thank you, our best for you and yours. -G

Received 2012 October 24
   I am a single mother of one seven-year old boy. I own my home, have a great job and have been divorced just over a year. I do not have any assistance to provide for my home or our food. However, I am living paycheck to paycheck. Without the opportunity to terminate this pregnancy, I'm sure I would be forced to make the lifestyle changes that include my home, food costs, additional hospital charges -- loss of work due ot appts and mental stability. I was taking oral contraceptives w/ my partner but obviously not at consistent times each day. Without an abortion option, my depression could've become completely unmanageable and my partner and I may have been forced to live together when we would not have considered so early in our relationship otherwise.
   Legal abortions should be the choice of females aware that they cannot provide sufficiently for their unborn child. Thank you for asking about my story.

Received 2012 July 18
   I am 22, I am single (unmarried) and have been dating the same guy for almost 2 years. My father doesn't know about him [boyfriend] because he is much older than me and [dad] would never approve. Hint: reason #1 for the abortion.
   I am currently about to start Radiology school which is full time Summer/Spring/Fall 40-80hr weeks for two years straight. I want to fully be able to focus on my future and education and strongly feel that a baby in my life right now would literally kill my life dreams and goals.
   I learned from my mistake, I did miss a couple of weeks of my pills and was having unprotected sex. I knew better, however I was naive and figured it wouldn't happen to me.
   I will say that process has had no bearing on my emotions in a negative way. I felt relieved like I was given a second chance at my life after the practically painless procedure. My biggest fear of abortion was having nightmares and uncontrollable pain. Neither of those things happened and my pregnancy dreams instantly stopped waking me up at night.

Thanks guys!

Received 2012 July 12
   I am printing this without her permission, but I think that as long as I keep this fairly anonymous she won't mind.
   A kind, older lady stopped by to tell me her story. I will call her Storyteller. She thanked us for doing what we do. She is Catholic but says the church has no business controlling birth control or abortions. She proceeded to tell me about her great grandmother died near Fulton, MO in 1885 from complications from an abortion. It was guessed that she had tried to self-induce her abortion.

   Then, she told me about herself more. It seems that her mother at 18yo got pregnant by a 31yo man who loved her dearly, but she didn't feel the same for him. She did not want to be burdened with a family a that time. They were on their way to Boone County to where a doctor there did illegal abortions. While driving to the doctor, the 31yo boyfriend had an epiphany and decided he was going to marry her. Back then you didn't refuse an offer of marriage. She gave birth 5 months later to Storyteller, so this was your proverbial shotgun wedding. Years later, after her mother died, her very old aunt told Storyteller about the abortion her mother almost obtained, and about how Storyteller's mother had regretted not getting the abortion. Storyteller already knew about her birth 5 months after mom's marriage in 1933.
   [Let's not go back to this. Women are neither a sex tool for men, nor baby machines for male egos. -Jeff]

Received 2012 June 6
   My mother Jo told me her story before she passed away, God rest her soul. This happened in Kansas City in 1965, when abortions were illegal everywhere in the U.S.
   Her friend, whom I will call Martha to protect her privacy since she is still alive in KC, became pregnant from an affair outside of her marriage. It happens. The man she got pregnant by was a bagman (moved money) for the mafia. Through his mafia contacts they were given directions on where to go for the abortion.Martha asked Jo for help because Jo had a car. Dad was an Over The Road truck driver and didn't need the car. Back then, families were lucky to have one car, not like today. My mother Jo and Martha then proceeded to the River Bottoms warehouse district below the limestone bluff summit of Kansas City, Missouri. They were told to go into the warehouse and take the freight elevator up to the 2nd or 3rd floor and go to a specified room down the hallway.
   According to the directions, they went out onto the Fire Escape and there was a 2"x12" plank laid across to the other building's Fire Escape: Jo and Martha crossed over and waited upon the window sill of the other open window. Back then Jo smoked heavily, and this was no exception. [Congestive Heart Failure from Smoking killed her in 2004.]
    Eventually, a doctor and nurse who were gowned up with scrubs, mask, and hat. The doctor never spoke. The nurse asked for the money, $2000 [worth about $14,500 in 2012 dollars]. The nurse attached screw-on stirrups onto the edge of a nasty wooden table in the middle of the room. There was a single overhead incandescent lightbulb hanging from a wire that the nurse turned on. The nurse asked if Jo wanted to stay and watch, to which she immediately said, "No! I will wait in the hallway."Jo smoked another 4 or 5 cigarettes. The nurse brought her back when the abortion was done. Martha was cramping real bad. Jo asked if they could take the frieght elevator down with them since Jo didn't want to have to take Martha across the 2"x12" plank single file while she was cramping. The doctor, saying nothing, pointed back across the window and plank. Jo and Martha made their way back across the plank while doubled-over with cramping, took the freight elevator down, and returned home.
   The next day Martha called. She was running a fever and was real sick. Mom had me watch my younger brother and sister. Jo took Martha to St. John's hospitalthat used to be in the northeast of Kansas City but exists no longer. They packed her vagina with gauze and povidone or something. I don't know if they gave her antibiotics or not. They got her infection under control but the infection had damaged her Fallopian tubes. She was never able to have children again.
   The Religious want to force us women to have all our pregancies, no matter the reason, no matter the cost.

Received 2012 June 1
   I'm a mother of two and have a medical issue that will not allow me to take hormonal birth control. And, yes, accidents do happen. That's the reason I had to get an abortion. But we are all humans and other peopole should not judge others for the chioices they make. You never know someone's glory until you know their story.
   And, no, I don't get any Housing, Foodstamps, et cetera. I work hard for everything I get and what people do with their life is their own business as long as it is not harming others [Jeff added, not harming the picketers].Some people have their reasons. So please back off and leave the Family Medical alone.
   It's people's choices to do what they do. No one puts a gun to their head and makes them get an abortions. But it is rude for people to walk up and down the street with signs. To each it's own. And abortions don't mamek you a bad person. Sometimespeople worry about the wrong things in life, and abortion should not be on the top of the list. Let's see what about the rapist? They get people knocked up and raping little kids. What about the drug dealers taking over our street? What about betteringour education for our kids, or trying to get the unemplyment rate down? What about the nursing homes where the seniors are being abused and neglected? There's alot of other important things to be worried about other than who's getting abortions. Nine times out of ten someone in your family has had an abortion. Really, people, it's bigger issues this world than to pick on people who knows what's best for them and then when people start to have alot of kids and get on the welfare system you'll want to cry about that.So what is a person to do? I thought this was the land of the free. But I guess not. What is this world coming to?

Received 2012 May 04
   I have 3 kids. I am married (14years). No I don't rceive any assistance. I would have to quit working and that would put us in a financial bind, as well as supporting a newborn. We have no money saved up but our 3 kids CD's that are locked.
   My husband and I are going through some problems and a newborn just wasn't safe for us to bring them in that environment.

Received 2012 March 27
   I am 30 years old. I already have two young children who I support without assistance. I have a caring boyfriend..but am unsure of where the relationship is heading. I've overcome alot of struggles as a single mother and was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I financially and mentally could not support another child. I have gotten pregnant off of birth control and have plans to seek a more permanent solution. Until recently I have not had the means to do so.
   The staff at Aid For Women were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable. Barbie & Jeff are the best!
   Without them...I would be heading down an very dark and difficult path & the children I already have would suffer.
   Also, from the other side of our Evaluation Form, Question 9. "Anything you didn't like or scared you?"
"I was scared at first in the parking lot. It was still early in the morning on Saturday and the protesters started picketing. More lights maybe?? It was very nice of Jeff to come out early to get me from my car. Very, Very nice staff!"

Received 2012 March 13

Dear Aid For Women,
   Thank you for offering your service. It is a blessing to us Women! I read the reviews on here before I made my appointment, I read the whole website which is very helpful. It helped us choose you. Granted - KC was a LONG trip for us.
   MY STORY: I am in my 40's, I had a long battle with Breast Cancer and assumed I was unable to become pregnant... I assumed wrong! My husband and I have never wanted Children, married for over 20 years we never gave it a second thought. We made an immediate decision to terminate this Pregnancy. #1 for fear of my health, #2 Complication for the fetus from months of chemo, radiation, and medications...and #3 for fear of raising a child in our 50's and 60's+ would not be fair to any child. I AM THANKFUL THERE ARE STILL A FEW PLACES WHO OFFER ABORTIONS! I am ever grateful to Jeff. When you walk in the door, he greets you with a knowing look (he knows you are scared as hell) and he shows you a caring attitude. He is a very blunt and to the point Man and tells it like it is. The whole procedure is done over a few hours. The scary part of the whole thing...the abortion itself... is basically the same as a pap smear! Takes several minutes, you cramp like hell, (like menstrual cramps x50) and it is done. The nurses surrounding you talk to you, hold your hand, and keep you talking. You are done before you even think about what is happeningh. KUDOS to all the ladies up there!! They are amazing caring women.
   I was worried about the protesters/Hecklers...DON"T BE. They are nothing to worry about and JUST ignore them. DON'T confront them... that is what they want. Ignore them, don't say a word, it drives them c_r_a_z_y.
   Don't have any second thoughts about using this clinic. I would definitely recommend them. Don't feel guilty about your decision, and never look back!! -Mel in Missouri

Received 2012 March 01
   My story consists of having three children already and from trying to pick up the pieces of my relationship with my partner (husband) to work out our differences whichdidn't work out, but to try and have someone see you care for them and sorry for whatever that you give in to situations to just try to make it better, which leads to sex but no relationship agreements. SO I realized he no longer loves me like I wanted him to, and that I should of left him alone and let him move on instead of trying to make it work, and not have intimacy with this person twice in months to find out [that] not only did you fail in making him love you like he did at one time, but now you are pregnant and see there is no relationship there especially to bring a child into where the mom is struggling already and the children with little state assistance help and only the help of my mother who doesn't need to have me, the children, and a new one when dad is not around. Two of my children [are] already like that. Options are helpful so when they are there and available, take them.
Crazy lady who needs to grow up. [She was being self-deprecating. -MJP]

Received 2012 February 22

I already have 4 kids and could not carry another child due to my age and health.

Received 2012 February 18

I got an abortion because I was constantly sick. I wasn't able to keep any food down whatsoever. I was losing wieght rapidly.I wasn't able to stand up for long periods of time without fainting. I was only 8weeks along [LMP] and I was already skin and bones skinny. After the abortion I was abler to keep food down and I started to regain some energy.

If I had not got the abortion I believe that I would have starved to death. Plus the baby's father was scheduled to leave for Iraqfor over a year and the would have been just months old. I would not have been able to financially raise that baby with him gone.

Received 2012 February 16

I am a young working woman just out of college with my Master's degree. I secured my first job upon graduation. My boyfriend of 3 years is still finishing school. Knowing that we were going to be apart so much more than we were together, I stopped birth control. He is an international student at my school. We are not really sure what will happen when he graduates this year. Will he be able to secure a job in the States and stay with me, or will he have to return to his homeland? This Christmas we took our first international trip to visit his family in his country of origin. This is where I became pregnant. Not knowing where we would be in a year, him here or 5,000 miles away and me just in the midst of my first year on my first job, not eligible for maternity leave, we decided to get the abortion.It was a hard decision knowing that we will probably eventually be married and have a family. The timing now was just not right and we felt it was the best decision for us.

We thank Central Family Medicine for providing us this service without judgement. Abortion is a choice and it should continue to be for women in all circumstances.

Received 2012 February 03

Question: Why was this abortion important to you?
3 kids
Husband helps & supports.
Zero assistance. We work.
Age & health (cancer survivor) were reason for appointment.
It's my body - my choice!

Received 2012 February 03

Our questionnaire, Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you?
Everyone there did a great job. I was just very scared & felt alone like a bad person. They let me know it didn't make me a bad person and that I'm not alone in it all.

Received 2012 February 03

I just wanted to say, thanks to Jeff for helping me get quick financial support through the Peggy Bowman Fund. (I will pay her back). I also want to thank Jeff for his sense of humor & social personality. I was also impressed w/ Elizabeth and want to thank her for talking to me about her cultureduring the procedure, it gave me something else to focus on. :)
Thanks to Barbie for holding me hand during the procedure. Her touch comforted me!
Dr. Yeomans is awesome! I appreciate the time he took talking to me pre-procedure. And his 35years of experience. : D

Received 2012 January 13
To the question, "Anything you'd like Jeff to say to the proLifer protesters or Legislators?" (grin)
Patient said - Go home and pray for forgiveness for judging; my judge will be face to face with God. I have to live with my decision, they don't!!
[Thank you. I agree. They must remove the log from their own eyes first before trying to remove the speck from the eye of others. They are a greater sinner by passing moral judgment while picketing clinics. Instead of picketing, make our world more supportive of women's problems: better wages for women, better enforcement of rape laws, better enforcement of child support, better child daycare for working mothers, schools teaching respect for both sexes,... -Jeff.]

Received 2012 January 11
Evaluation questions: More available days, lower the waiting time, and reduce the patient flow.

I'm 23yo. I have no children. I have a very supportive boyfriend that I've been with for 10 months. I have a great job doing something that I'm passionate about, but I'm still unsure about what I want out of life and where I want to end up. I still feel like I have a lot of living, growing, and figuring out who I am, and who I want to be before I have children. How can you teach your children to be strong, proud, and well rounded when you haven't yet learned that yourself?

My parents had me when they were 19yo and they hadn't lived or grown up completely, and when they finally did, they had grown apart. They stayed together for me because they felt obligated and I could feel that tension everyday.

I want to be stable and know what I want and who I am as a person before I become responsible for another life. This is why I got an abortion, because I feel that I owe it to my future children to be completely ready and stable when I bring their precious lives into this crazy screwed up world.

Received 2012 January 10
Evaluation questions: Improvements would be to decrease the waiting time and get rid of the protesters.

My story

I'm 20yo and abortion never seemed llike an option I would have to make.

I was in a relationship with a guy that was struggling with a drug problem and who was emotionally abusive. Although all of these things were going on, I stayed with him for 6 years. I finally found the courage to leave and found out a few weeks later that I was pregnant with his child. Rather than put myself back into this hostile relationship, introduce an innocent child into a chaotic life, and have them grow up with a terrible example as a father, I made the decision to choose abortion. I also will be graduating from college in 4 months and I based my decision on these factors in my life.

I've accepted and become at peace with my decision. Not everyone who has an abortion is a monster! There is a time and place in a person's life for a child and this is just was not mine

Note for Barbi -

You made me feel comfortable from the moment I was seen by you. I knew that you sincerely cared about me and never once judging me!While the procedure was being done you rubbed my head and talked with me, calming me the entire time. The world needs more kind-hearted souls like you.

Jeff - Tell the protesters the "#1 problem in America isn't abortion, it's stupidity.

Received 2012 January 02
from a Thank You card

Dear Staff,

I wanted to write you this little note while the events of the day are still fresh in my mind. Words escape me when I try to come up with a true thank you for the work you all do!! I guess I knew, but never truly realized how dangerous and tedious your jobs really are. From the kind women and doctors who helped my friend through her process, to Dan and Jeff keeping everyone safe and making sure things run smoothly, every single one of you; even if you think your're just doing your jobs, are all a gift sent from God! You're not told often enough how important what it is you do, and how well every single one of you does it. Jeff told me that since I have such a big mouth [Jeff's phrase was "Wild women don't get the blues," by Ida Prather Cox, meaning, "Say it like it is, don't keep it bottled up inside you making you sick and more abused." Also related is the movie "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues"] I shall never be bored!! Next time I'm in the city I'll be more than happy to have a nice chat with the local Thumpers! Merry Christmas and God Bless for you all in the New Year!


Received 2011 November 25

Everyone's reasons are different for getting this procedure done. I made my decision because I'm not financially ready for a third child. And the father was no where around and was not dependable at all. So I felt I did what was best for me and my familty. Then END!     : )

Received 2011 November 25

I have two kids, a boy and a girl, 10yo and 7yo. Their dad is not a nice person. There was no way I could afford another baby all by myself. We have been on and off for 10 years. He showed up drunk one night and we had sex. I was scared to say "No," because he is very abusive. That's why we have been off and on for 10 years.

I've tried to leave but I can't get away. The police and DA never have really helped. I tried going through them to get away but he finds us. If I could not have had this abortion things would have got worse for my kids and I.

If I would not have found Central Family Medicine I'm not sure where I would be but I'm very thankful I did. Thank you.

Received 2011 October 04

I am a 21 year old single mother. I'm not a "tramp." I do not sleep around. I am currently double majoring in criminal justice and psychology to become a child's advocate. I am by no means a monster. I got pregnant at 18 and kept the baby; my daughter. Her father suffers from severe psychological problems. He put me through hell from day one.

In August I found out that I was pregnant again, even though I was on birth control. The guy was an ex and had no job, no vehicle, and horrible anger issues. I argued with myself from the second I saw the positive test that I couldn't go through with an abortion. I thought about it everyday, all day long. What kind of life would this baby have? Living in a trailer on welfare while I'd have to drop out of school to juggle two babies by different fathers? The thought made me sick.

Thanks to my right to choose, I get to stay in college and get my degrees and have a good life for myself and my daughter, and when I find the right man a few years down the road, I will add to my family.

Thank you!!!!!!
Received 2011 September 28

I have two other kids. My boyfriend is not supportive,and doesn't know that I was pregnant, nor that I had an abortion. I work two jobs to support my family. Forty hours a week at one job, and 24 hours a week at my night job. I don't qualify for State Assistance. Nobody helps me financially or emotionally but my sister-in-law (older brother's wife). She is my rock. She can't help me financially but sure does try. She's worse off than I am honestly. She's the best. But if I didn't get the abortion my life would have changed. It was gonna be upside down!

I was raped at a party by an african amercian guy. My kids are... well, one is one-fourth mexican and three-fourth white. My youngest is all white so having a mixed (black and white) baby was out of the question. Most of my family would have completely disowned me!!! FOR LIFE!!!!! So please, I'm begging all of you in our State's Capitol (Topeka), please keep abortions legal! Let them women have a chjoice! They are the ones that have to live with it either way, not you!!! Do you wanna pay for it with your taxes?! I didn't think so!

[Thanks for sharing, and am sorry. Jeff]

Received 2011 September 07
My Story -

I 've been dealing with severe back pain for 5 or more years. When I was in 10th grade I was in a car accident at 10mph where the airbags came our and hit me in my pelvis. I didn't have any back pain until I'd gotten my CNA in 2004 (10th grade).I worked 32 hours a week in nursing homes, plus went to High School.

After many years of lifting residents on my own, always on my feet and not getting healthy amounts of sleep, I was put on Lortab 5mg PRN (as needed). I took those for over a year when I was hurting more than Lortab would even touch. I was put on percocet 5mg x2 at bedtime and that was enough - good for 2 years. Then I started working in Assisted Living instead of a full blown Nursing home. I thought it'd be better for my back - BUT I'd JUST gotten my Med Aide license and pushing, pulling, and steering the BIG med cart irritated my back. I started taking a percocet 5mg during my 8hr work day if I HAD to.

The residents I cared for all had Alzheimers and I was always chasing them around. Eventually I got to where my doctors wereall saying they weren't seeing anything wrong with my back. I underwent all the tests, injections, MRI's, nerve burning, etc. etc etc.which NOTHING seemed to help, and the doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong and they don't know what to do for me. I decided to go to a spine doctor in Wichita who is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This doctor is the BEST one, yet he understands my pain, tells me where the problems is (L5-S1). Also explained why I'm having such a bad time with pain, why my left leg is completely numb & whyI'm always falling down. My disc is completely blown at L5-S1, nerves are being pinched off. I've been taken off work since 7-1-2011 due to pain and not being able to handle the duties of the NEW job I got in March of 2010 as a Debt Collector because nursing got so painful. Sitting in one spot for 8 hours is just as bad. I don't sleep at night, even on pain meds I'm on. Opana 5mg IR, Opana 10 ER, Ambien, Celexa 40mg.

I was put on my doctor's surgery schedule for 8-31-11, my father drove from Colorado Springs, CO to be there, my aunt took off work, my mom who lives in Hutchinson took there for surgery. The nurses had me in the middle of being ready for surgery (ex. IV done, BP cuff on, T.E.D. hose (compression stockings to prevent embolism during and after surgery) on, getting ready to give me some antibiotics), and my doctor's surgerical assistant came into the room to tell me I'm pregnant and that they have to cancel my surgery. I am off work on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and that (short term disability) is only 3 months long in order to save your job I's have to be back by Sep. 29th.

I've never been pregnant before, I've been with the same guy for 6 years on 9-20-11. I stopped taking my birth control prior to surgery (Doctor's rules) and I'm allergic to latex, we very rarely ever have sex due to the pain it causes me. I do try to once in a great while for my boyfriend who is 26 years old. We didn't make sure to have to get NON-latex condoms and I conceived 7-29-11 (The first time we'd been sexually active for a good 3-4 months). The nurses at the pre-Op room room before I was to have surgery were all pressuring me me to have the baby, that I'd be a great mother, etc. Both of my parents are proChoice. It was a little easier to talk to them about my concerns, feelings, emotions, anger, and pain. I weighed out ALL of the options and decided Abortion was what was best for me. I was 7 weeks and 0 days as of TODAY which was when the procedure took place, 9-7-11. I've been on very strong medications the entire pregnancy.It wasn't planned. I haven't been working since 7-1-11 and am VERY short on cash, just to feed myself is hard right now.

The ObGyn I've seen for my yearlys spoke with my spine doctor and they both agreed it would be very difficult, if at all possible, to carry FULL TERM,Deliver, then care for the baby after birth, the way a baby should be cared for. After I gave birth, I'd have to have back surgery to get myself taken care of and would miss out on bonding with the baby. I've cramped very badly for the last week. I can NOT handle the extra pain I'm in due to all of the puking I do in the mornings, the cramping, and not being able to eat, PLUS the affects of my pain medicine!

I tried going by my ObGyn's recommendation to only take extra strength Tylenol for pain & Benadryl at night to sleep - that was NOT an option for me after giving the BEST ATTEMPT I could in order for me to be a successful/responsible adult and mother. I need to get my own health taken care of so that I can care for a child and be a mommy! I want to be able to care for my child with NO STATE ASSISTANCE and taking NO pain medication(during or after the pregnancy). I believe in proChoice. I'm thankful women still have the right to make a choice, especially in this situation I'm in.

Received 2011 September 01

My abortion story is that I'm a young girl who is stuck, couldn't tell anyone but my mother.
I have a life ahead.

The father is not in my life whatsoever. There is no way I could afford it, emotionally, physically.I go to school so it would be way out of hand. I have nobody to help me.I wouldn't know how to take care of a baby, I'm a kid myself. This abortion helped me in so many years [ways?].I know that its not always a great decision but I know it was the best I could do.My family would surely not be happy about this.I'm supposed to be the first person in my family to graduate and go to college, how am I supposed to do that if I have a baby, there is no way. I don't have space, I have nothing to give this child.I didn't wanna bring a baby out into this world, if there is nothing I could give literally.I hope you understand why I did this.

[Thank you for your story. -Jeff]

Recieved 2011 August 06

I have a great job and a great support system, but for me personally, I have major goals within a year. I was supposed to start school in a couple weeks and being pregnant I know would not had let me complete and after school is over in a year and a half I plan on re-locating and I just feel I would have failed my self with all my goals. It sounds selfish but I will not ever put myself in this situation ever again. Next time I'll be more steady with a career and I can focus on a child.      :)

2011 July 30, A kind letter sent in to us.

Aid For Women
Dear Sir, Madam, or Doctor,

I am a strong supporter of abortion rights. My cousin in Wichita went to the late Dr. Tiller for an abortion. She told me he said to her, "When you''e ready to have a baby, come to me so I can see that you get good pre-natal care." I cried the day he was killed.

I strongly support your efforts to continue to provide abortion services. The new KDHE regulations are ridiculous. They are clearly not medically necessary. It's a pity your organization was denied a license [Not entirely true. We operate under a temporary restraining order stopping the law from taking effect until we can prove our case before the Federal Court. -Jeff, August2011]. With the final draft of the regulations approved June 17th, with a compliance date of July 1, how could any provider meet the new rules and regulations?

I am so proud of your efforts to challenge the measure, and you have my whole-hearted support. Please keep up your efforts.

In solidarity, MG
Kansas City (her name and address withheld by Jeff for her privacy)
Received 2011 June 01
Q. Anything you'd like Jeff to say to the proLife protestors or Legislators? (grin)
A. No one has the right to tell someone what decision to make. Everyone is different = different solutions. To the protestors, Find something else to do with your time that would serve God better than to harass people with a sign.
Received 2011 May 11

I am a Senior in high school who's already been accepted to college. I made a mistake (well we). I didn't get pregnant my myself. But I felt this was the right choice for me. I had all the support I needed but ultimately it was my decision. Now I will continue my education and also educate young ladies like myself that there are many forms of birth control - just choose!

2011 April 16 patients

I am a single mother who makes under minimum wage. I struggle now as is to support my family of four by myself. I am pregnant with multiples and there is no way I can support any more children, the father is worthless, and I am glad to have a choice. Not to mention I don't believe I would be able to be an adequate mother to so many children. Birth control & condoms didn't work.

Also, I have a friend who has 6 kids and a couple of weeks ago found out she was pregnant. She could not get an abortion in Missouri so she stuck a clothes hanger up her for 3 days straight until she miscarried and a few days later she went to the Emergency Room & was admitted & kept her for a solid week with an IV antibiotic in her. She almost died from infection due to a cruel form of ‘self" abortion. If she would have known about Kansas being legal this could have been prevented.

[Editor's note: Abortion is legal in Missouri, but there are few clinics in Missouri due to ambulatory regulations making abortion ‘safer.']

I am the mother of a sixteen year old. She is a A,B student from XXXXXXXX. She is a quiet Book reader that never gave me a problem in the world. On Friday the 8th, 2011 I caught my daughter's boyfriend running from the back door. When I checked her cell phone as I removed everything from her room, placing her on punishment, I saw a ‘text' "What do you want. Me to starve your child?" I fell to my knees and cried. She's only sixteen. She has yet to graduate, and she has her whole life ahead of her. When I asked, What do you want to do? She said abortion. I asked why. "Because I'm not ready. I'm sorry. It should never have happened." We cried and spoke for hours about why the support system I put in place failed (people that she could talk to outside of me). Women! Myself being a 36 year old mother of two teenagers, one sixteen and the other fifteen. I live paycheck to paycheck and work as a teacher at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I depend upon on public Housing to assist in providing for my children because I don't make enough and raising two teens is hard enough, so what would I do with a grandchild. The decision had been made and we relied on family to help provide the money to take care of the situation. But this decision was made because she, my daughter, wants to be a physiologist, she has plans this summer 2011 to interview at the XXXXXXXXXXXX Hospital and then at UMKC Medical internship next year. A baby would certainly cut all her hard working plans to become a better, more important member of society. A productive member that has so much to offer. I support the decision and will love her regardless but in this case I believe she made the right choice. Thank you[Editor's note: she's referring to Aid For Women, Kansas City] for assisting us in this life altering process and Good luck.

We have four kids, ages 20-16 between the two of us. This all started about January 2011. I had a vasectomy in ‘92 and hadn't had any problem with it ever. One night at work, I had a problem with kidney stones, but at the same time I ruptured the scar tissue, and the canal grew back together, but we didn't know this. My wife lost one child at birth & almost lost her, too. So when we found out she was pregnant at our ages, it was a huge blow. I had 4 kids but only one of her. So we never felt as if we had much choice, at least I didn't. The reward was not worth the risk. I am glad we had this Choice, in the long run it will serve our needs best.

In February 2011 I lost my job of 9 years. I found out I was pregnant shortly after. Without health insurance and my unemployment, I was in a serious situation. If I was not able to get this abortion my life would be far worse than I am now. I might even find a way to get one illegally. I have one child and I have always worked really hard for every thing I have.

I have two boys, Blake & Cody. Well the only thing that will be disrupted is work. I work a job from Monday thru Thursday. And the way Government and Economy is in bad recession. The American family cannot survive with more than three kids in a family. A single Mom - $20,000-$25,000; Average family $30,000 - $77,000 a year, politician $175,000; President of America $244,000. There is a problem with this scenario. [Editor's note: He is an Iraq war Vet who was being needled by my protesters. The protesters were lucky he didn't hurt them. He has dealt with Fred Phelps & family before at military funderals.]

Tengo solo un hijo, no seria problema para otras personas tenerlo, pero tenemos problemas economicos, necesito trabajar para poder pagar mis cuentas y los de mi familia. Esta opcion me permite segir con mi trabajo y no perderlo. Claro que me gustarla tener uno mas pero por ahora no es conbeniente quiero estabilisarme. Solo dios conoce mis nesecidades y mis problemas el sabe porque suceden las cosas y porque las pone en tu camino.

[Editor's note, rough translation:] I only have a son, I don't have the problem other people have, but we have economic problems, but I have to work in order to be able to pay my bills and those of my family. This option allows me to continue my job and not lose it. Clearly I would like to have one more but so far it is not advisable, I want to establish myself first. Only God knows my needs and problems because He knows things happen and because He put them in my way.

Received 2011 April 15, Clinic Evaluation Form
Q3. We are happy you chose us. What helped make you decision? No other place offered abortion. [Editor's note: There are a few other clinics, actually.]
Q9. Anything you didn't like or scared you? I disliked the protesters very much. They didn't make me feel gulty or uncomfortable, but the whole 'quoting the Bible' nonsense got under my skin. As Charlie Sheen would say "Bible Grippers."
Q.10 Anything you'd like Jeff to say to the proLife protestors or Legislators? Tell them to realize this is Amercia, Land of the Free, and as my American right of free speach "Shut the fuck up!" Pardon my french.